2013 Film Tour

Date City Venue Ticket Info
Dec 11 Burlington, VT Main Street Landing Film House √* Ticket Info
Dec 13 Boston, MA NE Aquarium/IMAX √* Ticket Info
Dec 17 New York City, NY Symphony Space √* Ticket Info

* = Special guest Anton Krupicka
√ = Special guest filmmaker Joel Wolpert

Shows gone by:

Date City Venue
Oct 1 Christchurch, NZ Elevate
Oct 3 San Francisco, CA Sports Basement
Oct 3 Dunedin, NZ The Kensington Bar
Oct 4 Campbell, CA Sports Basement
Oct 5 San Luis Obispo, CA Running Warehouse
Oct 5 Boulder, CO Adventure Film Fest
Oct 6 Los Angeles, CA Downtown Independent
Oct 7 San Diego, CA Injinji
Oct 9 Buckhannon, WV Lascaux Theater
Oct 10 Charlottesville, VA Tandem Friends School
Oct 11 Spruce Knob, WV The Mountain Institute
Oct 11 Shepherdstown, WV Shepherdstown Opera House
Oct 12 Harrisonburg, VA Court Square Theater
Oct 17 Tauranga, NZ BREW
Oct 19 Bethlehem, PA Runner’s World Half
Oct 19 New Paltz, NY Rock and Snow
Oct 21 Wellington, NZ GNS Science Bldg
Nov 18 Grenoble, FR Rencontres Ciné Montagne
Nov 20 Montrose, CO Two Rascals Brewing Co.

16 thoughts on “2013 Film Tour

    • No Canadian screenings in the works yet. … Send any local contacts who might want to set something up our way.

  1. How about a visit to the UK? Its the Kendal Mountain Film Festival on the 14-17th of November. Just enough time for a quick visit?

    • We’ll look into it Luke, might be too late for this year. It has been submitted to the Sheffield Adventure Film Fest in the UK.

  2. I loved the trailer, but living here on the central Oregon coast I won’t be able to make any of the screenings. So, I’m looking forward to getting a copy if it’s released either DVD or streaming.

  3. Don’t forget the Midwest! You have a fan in Wisconsin. How about a showing at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

  4. a great film; thanks for stopping in c’ville. succeeds in its impressionistic intent: the essence resonating much longer than its duration — kinda like the most ecstatic runs…

  5. We have allot of runners here in Chicago and it seems like we’re being missed. (got it right this time!!)

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